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From the time we take-off to a safe landing, you will enjoy the most memorable experience of your life. Hopping onto your flight as easy as a taxi ride to destinations inside and outside Suriname. Whether departing from or arriving at Zorg & Hoop airport, J.A. Pengel airport or Hotel Torarica, we will give you our spectacular flight experience in the awe-inspiring landscape of the Amazone or the Caribbean Sea as you’ve never seen it before. Get the experience of a lifetime. Book your flight today!

About Us

Pegasus Air Services is a private aviation company which maintains  commercial standards. The company was founded by Jerome B. de Faria.  For several years, Jerome had the ambitions to start his own helicopter operation and in 2011 he started  Pegasus Air Services. He started providing services to individuals and businesses with one R44  helicopter. Very soon Pegasus Air Services would require his own hangar space and commercial certification.  

United Aviation Services started its certification and its commercial operation at Pegasus Air Services  who now facilitates a fleet of one Bk-117, one Piper Chieftain, three Cessna 206's and three Robinson R44's used for  all purposes. Pegasus Air Services is build on these commercial standards as they partnered with United Aviation Services since may 2014. This allows Pegasus Air Services to participate in all commercial operations.  

Lorenzo's Of America is a private corporation registered and based in the USA. Starting from June 2020 the Piper Navajo has a leading role in the new era of our company. In the midst of the Corona epidemic Lorenzo's of America started to facilitate and stimulate the partnership between Pegasus Air Services, United Aviation Services and Lorenzo's of America. 

Whether it is for business or simply a pleasure ride, we are looking forward to providing your next Pegasus Air Services experience! 

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